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The primary purpose of this core is to be a major scientific sharing resource to our projects in terms of sample acquisition, processing, allocation, analysis, storage, tracking and security. To accomplish this, the core will acquire samples and prepare those samples for distribution to the study projects according to the specific assays to be performed. In general, this core has 3 main functions to fulfill: 1) acquire and identify human derived sputum, BAL and brush biopsy samples; 2) perform processing procedures on the acquired samples for subsequent distribution to project leaders for analysis, and in the case of certain endpoints, perform analysis procedures on the samples themselves (cell differentials, proteomics); and 3) provide systematic cataloging, tracking and storage functions on the acquired samples, as well as governing their subsequent use while in the sample repository.

Additionally, this core will provide technical support, data interpretation and technical guidance in order to fulfill the aims of our projects. For example, the core will assist in interpreting assay results in the context of individual projects and help compare the results between our related projects. In this capacity, the core will be instrumental in providing a centralized and uniform set of skills and expertise that each project can use as needed, thus avoiding duplication of effort and variability in methodology. This core is dedicated to providing P50 investigators with the highest quality data, access to the most recent, technologically advanced assays, as well as a comprehensive data tracking system and repository facility.