If you would like to submit an abstract for consideration, please use the following guidelines:


  • Document must be in MS Word or RTF document format
  • No more than 450 words
  • Follow the format indicated below
  • Email abstract to and include the following information:
    1. Indicate your professional level – graduate student, fellow, technician, professor, etc.
    2. Indicate whether or not you would be willing to give an oral presentation.
    3. Indicate if you would like to be considered for an abstract award that included registration at the annual meeting of the Society for Reproductive Investigation.


  • 1 inch margins – using Arial 12 pt font
  • Text in the following order:
    • Title with first letter capitalized (title style)
      <one empty line>
    • Author’s names
      <one empty line>
    • Author’s affiliations
      <one empty line>
    • Body of abstract

Submission Deadlines:

Jan. 11th Deadline for consideration for Campion Fund prizes
This prize is sponsored by The Campion Fund. Selection criteria for the Campion awards: Selection Criteria
Jan. 25th Deadline for all other abstracts
Please note that improperly formatted abstracts will not be considered for a prize