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We hope the resources provided on this page will help develop community preceptor teaching skills. If you have suggestions for topics you would like to see here, please reach out to

Use the menu on the left-hand side to browse our inventory of faculty development videos focused on how to work with students in a clinical precepting setting. If there is a feedback survey linked, please complete it to let us know how you liked the video.

Dean’s Letter Comment Suggestions (helpful to review before completing student evaluations):

Quality Improvement Project Resources:

QI Grading Breakdown:

  1. IHI Modules (QI 101-105: Improvement Capability) – 10 points
  2. Driver Diagram – 10 points
  3. PDSA 1 Worksheet – 10 points
  4. PDSA 2 Worksheet – 10 points
  5. QI Final Reflection – 10 points

Direct Observation Resources:

Additional Resources: