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This site will be retired on JULY 1st, 2022. Please use the Children’s Clinical Care Portal for updated resources.

The aim of Project TICKER, Teamwork to Improve Cardiac Kids’ End Results, is to implement a patient- and family‐centered safe practice infrastructure, incorporating teamwork training through TeamSTEPPS™ and integrated clinical pathways for pediatric congenital heart disease patients at N.C. Children’s Hospital.

Multiple teams, including service units (pediatric intensive care, children’s intermediate cardiac care, newborn critical care, and the operating room), ancillary support (nutrition, pharmacy, patient- and family-centered care specialists, chaplain), medical teams (cardiothoracic surgery, pediatric cardiac anesthesia, cardiology, pediatric critical care, neonatology), patients, and families are partners on this project, which is supported by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. [more]