The pediatric cardiac OR team has improved teamwork and made progress toward standardized guidelines for care, as documented in a report distributed to OR leadership across the institution.

One teamwork project has focused on improving the patient handoff from the operating room to the Pediatric ICU. A handoff template outlining team roles and activities has been developed as part of the toolkit. Team members who participated in the post‐intervention AHRQ Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture reported a positive increase from baseline in perception of patient safety during handoffs and transitions.

Teamwork champions, Gwen Ellis, Greg Griffin, Reggie Harris, and Annabelle Lasquety, have been identified to continue facilitating team improvements and to stay in touch with Project TICKER.

The intra‐op team has implemented new pediatric antibiotic prophylaxis guidelines issued by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee last month. These guidelines have made headway toward integrated clinical pathways for pediatric cardiac patients, one of the main goals of Project TICKER.

See the full report here.