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Providing general obstetric and gynecologic services including full screening and preventative care for women across their lifespan - adolescence, pregnancy, the reproductive years, as well as menopause and the older woman.


The physicians in Women's Primary Healthcare provide gynecologic surgery expertise as well as outpatient services.

Commonly performed procedures include:

• Hysteroscopy (diagnostic & operative)
• Laparoscopy (diagnostic & operative)
• Tubal ligation
• D&C (Dilation & Currettage)
• Vaginal and vulvar surgeries
• Myomectomy
• Hysterectomy
• Ovarian cystectomy

Special Interests

We have subspecialty interests that set us apart from your private practice OB-GYN such as:

• Preventive health
• Breast disorders
• Perimenopause/menopausal issues
• Hormone replacement therapy
• Herbal alternative therapy
• Vulvar disorders
• Adolescent care