Ivan Rusyn

Environmental Genomics

Institution:  University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health

Website:  http://www.sph.unc.edu/?option=com_profiles&profileAction=ProfDetail&pid=702665970

Email:  iir@unc.edu

Voice:  (919) 843-2596


Our laboratory applies molecular, biochemical, genetic and genomics approaches to understanding the mechanisms of environmental agent-related organ injury and carcinogenesis. Specifically, we are interested in nuclear receptor-mediated pathways in chemical carcinogenesis, oxidative DNA damage and repair, the role that alcohol and diet play in cancer, and the genetic determinants of the susceptibility to toxicant-induced liver injury. Through a combination of in vivo animal studies and experiments that utilize cellular and molecular models, we aim to better understand why certain chemicals cause cancer or organ damage in rodents and whether humans in general, or any susceptible sub-population in particular, are at risk from similar exposures.