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Please join me in congratulating all of our Leon Golberg Travel Award Recipients! These students submitted outstanding abstracts and earned this competitive travel award. Many of the recipients below utilized their awards to travel to this year’s Society of Toxicology Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, to present their work in front of many of their colleagues, friends, and mentors. Great work all around!


Winners: Catalina Cobos-Uribe | Michelle Fiamingo-Fyle | Morgan Narain | Ena Vujic | Anastasia Freedman | Devin Alewel | Kevin Cao | Katelyn Huff | Morgan Nalesnik | Kevin Schichlein


About the Leon Golberg Memorial Travel Award: Leon Golberg left a legacy of substantial contributions to the basic scientific underpinnings of toxicology, the application of that science to important societal issues, and most significantly, through the creation of institutions that have had a lasting impact on toxicology. He was truly a visionary who set high standards of performance for himself and those who had the privilege of working with him. Read more here: Leon Golberg Biography by Roger O. McClellan.