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Seminar, research and scientific writing courses

Student Seminars

  1. TOXC 721—Toxicology Seminar (1) fall In this course, second year students continue to hone their critical reading and oral presentation skills by focusing on topics of interest to toxicologists in training; writing assignments include the composition of seminar abstracts and reviews of scientific papers.
  2. TOXC 821—Scientific/Proposal Writing (1) fall In addition to workshop-style discussions on different types of scientific writing, students receive guidance on the organization of the doctoral research proposal and complete a first draft of their own proposal by end of the course.
  3. TOXC 722—Curriculum in Toxicology Weekly Seminar Series (1) fall and spring Toxicology students formally register for this activity during each semester until graduation. This series includes presentations by advanced students (third year and up), postdoctoral fellows, and invited local and national leaders in toxicology.

Research Courses

Toxicology students register in research courses as they formulate—TOXC 901—and develop—TOXC 994—their doctoral research projects

  1. TOXC 901—Research in Toxicology (3) Fall and Spring of second year.
  2. TOXC 994—Doctoral Dissertation Research (3) Fall and Spring semesters after passing the written exam.

Planning and evaluation of doctoral research

Students enrolled in research in toxicology courses must meet with their research advisors at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters to define research goals for the academic term. At this time, the first page of the form Research in Toxicology—Planned Activities and Evaluation must be completed and a copy filed with the Director of Graduate Studies. The second page of this form is completed at the end of the semester, when the student’s performance is evaluated by the faculty adviser and a grade for the course is assigned. The signed original of this 2-page form must be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies before semester grades are due at the Registrar’s Office.

Documenting committee meetings and research progress

Doctoral Committee Meeting Record: This form is used to document periodic meetings (once every 6-8 months) of the student with their doctoral committee to evaluate progress toward completion of the proposed research plan. The student must file this form with the Director of Graduate Studies.

Research in Toxicology – Planned Activities and Evaluation: This form is used to plan and evaluate the student’s research activities. It must be filed in each Fall and Spring semester after passing the written exam.