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The STARx Program’s current research projects.

STARx Consent Forms
Study consent form for the Successful Transition to Adulthood with Therapeutics (STARx) study. These consent forms also cover the PARENT Protocol.
ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (Adherence and Longitudinal Life skills for Youth, Under a Nurturing Educational Environment on Disease-Intelligent Self-management: Lasting Outcomes, Visionary Empowerment) is a study involving the development of a self-education module for promoting self-management, adherence, and mindfulness among adolescents and young adults with chronic kidney disease (CKD).
Parent-Youth Study Information
The Parent-Youth Study (2014-2015) seeks to determine preferred learning styles for adolescents and young adults with Chronic Kidney Disease and their parents. There are also assessments of kidney knowledge and parental authority styles along with transition readiness. This folder contains the IRB and consent forms for this study.
FHLY: Food Quality and Health Literacy among Youth with Chronic Conditions
This study investigates nutrition knowledge and behaviors of adolescents/young adults with chronic conditions who may be following special diets as part of their disease management.