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Current Leadership


The AIMS Co-Leaders oversee the organization, providing direction and support to the committees to realize the mission of AIMS.

Emily Kounlavong
Monica Lyons
Tooba Rashid


Service Outreach

Service Outreach aims to raise awareness of science and medicine in middle and high school students. Outreach activities include science activities and visits with local middle and high school students.

Gabby Sahyoun
Kathleen Embury
Matthew Sutcliffe
Nina Wallace
Noel Archer
Shantanu Srivatsa
Varun Potlapalli

Undergraduate Outreach

Undergraduate Outreach strives towards increasing awareness of a career in medicine and/or science. Members of the Undergraduate Outreach leadership organize events and facilitate mentorship for undergraduates, including panels and workshops on applying to medical school.

Adrian Othon
Jimmy Tabet
Kyle Pellegrino
Rachelle Ambroise
Tiger Zhang
Wolfgang Beckabir
Yaser Iftikhar
YJ Choi

Career Development

Career Development focuses on providing professional development opportunities to current MD-PhD trainees, with the aim to recruit and retain women and minorities in dual-degree careers. Events organized by Career Development include faculty mentorship dinners and workshops on building a professional brand, creating CVs/biosketches, and developing grant writing skills.

Catherine Li
Manjima Sarkar
Paige Takasugi
Samantha Zarnick
Victor Madormo

Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders was founded by Dani Brathwaite (c/o 2024) in response to increasing calls for justice and equity in medicine and science. The goal of Bridge Builders is to prepare students to be leaders and change-makers to combat racism and other inequities in medicine, science, and research.

Brian Khov
Cambray Smith
Chelsea Li
Greg Alspaugh
Rajon Scott

Prior Leaders/Committee Support

Anna Kim
Kelly Carey-Ewend
Sophie Maharry Roush


Past Leadership:


  • Co-Leaders – Anna Kim, Sophie Maharry, Kelly Carey-Ewend
  • Service Outreach – Ruthly Francois, Paige Takasugi, Monica Lyons, Emily Kounlavong
  • Undergraduate Outreach – Amber Gomez, Zach Schrank, Matthew Sutcliffe
  • Career Development – Nehemiah Stewart, Kyle Pellegrino
  • Research Diversity – Cambray Smith, Sam Zarnick


  • Co-Leaders – Meryem Ok, Loren Oh, Nisitha Sengottuvel
  • Undergraduate Outreach – Yasemin Cole, Rani Richardson, Sophie Maharry, Anna Kim
  • Career Development – Kevin Field, Julie Necarsulmer, Nate Nelson-Maney, Deanna Zhu
  • Research Diversity – Allie Bukowksi, Camille Morgan
  • Service Outreach – Ruthly Francois, Kelly Carey-Ewend
  • AIMS Symposium Leadership – Alison Mercer-Smith, Rashmi Kumar


  • Co-Leaders – Lee Hong, Rashmi Kumar, Sarah Brnich
  • Undergraduate Outreach – Loren Oh, Boya Wang
  • Research Program Leader – Bryna Harrington
    • Research team members – Brooke Matson & Halei Benefield
  • Career Development – Nisitha Sengottuvel, Meryem Ok
  • Global Perspective – Morgan Goheen
  • National Chair – Marni Siegel
  • Career Mentorship – Danielle Mohabir
  • Online Outreach – Alison Mercer-Smith


  • Co-Leader – Catherine Fahey
  • Co-Leader – Lee Hong
  • Co-Leader – Alison Mercer-Smith
  • Undergraduate Mentor Program Leaders – Hannah Hudson
  • Research Program Leader – Bryna Harrington
    • Research team members – Brooke Matson & Halei Benefield
  • Networking – Marni Siegel & Dani Mohabir
  • Global Perspective – Morgan Goheen
  • Recruitment – Hannah Hudson
  • Career Development – Rashmi Kumar
  • Service/Outreach – Sarah Brnich


  • Audrey Verde & Kate Hacker – Co-Leaders (2013-2016)
  • Brooke Matson – Career Development & Outreach, and Leader of the Undergraduate Mentoring Program (2014-2016)
  • Morgan Goheen – Education (2014-2016)
  • Rushina Cholera – Research (2015-2016)
  • Bryna Harrington – Recruitment (2015-2016)
  • Erin Steinbach – Recruitment (2014-2015)

2015 Southeast Symposium for MD-PhD Women in Science Planning Team:

  • Organization – Audrey Verde, Kate Hacker, Melodi Whitley, Amy Wisdom

2014 Southeast Symposium for MD-PhD Women in Science Planning Team:

  • Funding– Rushina Cholera
  • Logistics– Brooke Matson
  • Keynote– Marni Siegel
  • Career Development Workshops– Morgan Goheen
  • Organization– Audrey Verde & Kate Hacker