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Chief Resident


Raleigh, NC

College | Major

University of North Carolina | Biology

Medical School

University of North Carolina

Favorite Hobbies

Basketball, weight training, running, surgerizing (working on it), spectating MMA/basketball/football/soccer, gangster themed tv shows as well as polar opposite rom coms

Favorite Restaurant/Take-out

Buns!! One of those burger joints that will just always be there for you.

If I wasn’t a Urologist…

I would run my own gym

On My Next Weekend Not On Call…

I would either go for a day trip to the beach or shoot some outdoor hoops with the homies

Favorite Urologic Surgery

Radical Nephrectomy, any approach

Secret Talent

I’m low-key nice at Quran recitation (3peat Quran contest champion at my local mosque back in the day)

Favorite / Current Research Project

Healthcare costs and physician reimbursement, artificial intelligence texture analysis of bladder cancer imaging, and patient reported outcomes in NMIBC


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