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Congratulations to Hung-Jui “Ray” Tan, MD, MSHPM on his recent appointment to the American Urological Association’s (AUA) Data Committee.

A subcommittee of the Science & Quality Council, the Data Committee consists of members who have been appointed based upon their expertise and ability to positively impact the professional community. All members have health data and research experience and understand their clinical and public health significance.

Together, the members of the Data committee are instrumental in advancing the AUA’s data agenda, collection strategy, and abilities at identifying and prioritizing data and research topics, initiatives and projects.


“I’m honored to have been appointed to the AUA’s Data Committee and am excited to advance our efforts to assess, understand, and improve the practice of urology.”

Hung-Jui (Ray) Tan, MD, MSHPM
Urologic Oncology Fellowship Program Director
Assistant Professor of Urology

Hung-Jai (Ray) Tan, MD


About the AUA’s Committee Structure

During his three-year term, Dr. Tan, in collaboration with AUA staff and the other Data Committee members, will devise and implement strategies to measure the effectiveness and value of urologic procedures, interventions, and practices. These data will allow for continual improvement in the overall profession of urology, patient outcomes, and public health.

he AUA has over 500 volunteers that serve on various committees and contribute to the work of the association. Committees are grouped by functional areas and the Data Committee is a subcommittee of the Science & Quality Council.

The Science and Quality Council oversees the science, quality, and data components of the AUA’s mission including the development, dissemination, and implementation of guidelines, white papers, physician performance measures, patient safety initiatives, registries, and data projects.

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AUA Committee Reporting Structure
AUA Committee Reporting Structure