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At the end of 2022, Dr. Angela Smith was featured on the BackTable Urology Podcast alongside Dr. Rena Malik. During the episode, titled “How to Unlock a Growth Mindset in Medicine,” Dr. Smith and Dr. Malik define the concept of a growth mindset and emphasize the importance of expecting failures, seeking help, and being open about vulnerabilities.

Drs. Smith and Malik delved into how to cultivate a growth mindset, highlighting the significance of meaningful patient interactions in bringing joy to clinical practice. They also discussed strategies to encourage colleagues to embrace a growth mindset and the importance of challenging negative attitudes and fostering a positive workplace environment.

To listen to the episode you can visit the BackTable website, or find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.

“In a profession where perfection often feels like the benchmark, our chat on the ‘BackTable Urology Podcast’ was all about how embracing our imperfections and being open about our vulnerabilities can actually fuel our growth and create a more supportive, joyful work environment.”

Angela B. Smith, MD, MS, FACS
Vice Chair of Academic Affairs
Professor of Urology


About BackTable Urology Podcast

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