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Congratulations to Karen Wynne, LPN one of UNC Urology’s Triage Nurses on receiving one of the 2021 UNC Health Carolina Care All Star of the Year awards. This is a UNC Health-wide recognition for receipt of superior evaluations from our patients and excellence in clinical service. Karen and the other winners were honored at a virtual ceremony at the UNC Medical Center in late October.

What does it mean to you to provide Carolina Care?

Knowing that I work WITH other people that share the same desire and have the same drive to give the best that we have to give, for all people, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or what they look like, that is what makes UNC different fro other places I have worked. Carolina Care is Real. When I started here a little over 4 years ago, during orientation, I was emotionally overwhelmed at the emphasis placed on how we are expected to treat our patients, without judgment, with equality, with kindness. I literally had a lump in my throat, and could not believe that I was fortunate enough to have landed in ap lace that shared my beliefs. Wondering if it could be real, I kept my fingers crossed… I have not been disappointed. Only heaven is perfect, but I see UNC HEALTH striving at every turn to do their best to keep patient care first and foremost. UNC HEALTH is leading the way!

Karen Wynne, LPN

Watch The Full 2021 UNC Health Carolina Care Awards Ceremony