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The UNC Department of Urology is pleased to highlight the recent accomplishments of Avani Desai, a promising medical student from the UNC School of Medicine (Class of 2026) and a 2023-24 NC Albert Schweitzer Fellow.

Avani Desai has been recently featured in several published articles, where she addresses important issues in patient care and medical education.

In her op-ed piece titled “The Price of Healing: Confronting Financial Toxicity,” published on the NC Albert Schweitzer Fellowship website, Avani delves into the financial challenges that patients face in the aftermath of trauma surgery. Through her work as an Albert Schweitzer Fellow, she highlights the impact of financial toxicity on patient recovery and well-being, emphasizing the need for healthcare professionals to address these burdens through policy, advocacy, and practical interventions.

Furthermore, Avani co-authored an insightful article with Dr. Angela Smith titled “The Value of Business Education in Urology,” published in the Medical Student Column of the American Urological Association’s AUA News website. In this piece, they discuss the importance of integrating business education into medical training, particularly for those pursuing a career in urology. Their article underscores the complexities of the healthcare system and the need for physicians to understand medical economics to navigate the evolving landscape effectively.

As an editor for the AUA News Medical Student Column, Avani continues to contribute to the discourse on improving healthcare delivery and medical education at the national level.

The UNC Department of Urology is honored to support Avani Desai in her endeavors and looks forward to her future contributions to the field. Her work exemplifies the department’s commitment to excellence in education, patient care, and advocacy.