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Urology Services for Transgender and Gender Diverse Individuals

About Our Clinic

UNC Urology is a regional leader in transgender care. We offer a full range of urologic services including primary gender affirmation surgery (including metoidioplasty, penile prosthesis, phalloplasty, orchiectomy and vaginoplasty) and revisions after surgery in a respectful and compassionate environment. Our team has experience managing the most complex urologic cases.


Gender Affirmation Surgery

UNC Urology is a regional leader in transgender care. We offer a full range of urologic services including primary gender affirming surgery (including metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, and vaginoplasty), penile prosthesis, and orchiectomy. We also specialize in the management of complications from gender affirmation, such as strictures and fistulas. In July 2019, the Department of Urology launched the UNC Transgender Health Program in order to improve access to UNC Healthcare for transgender patients in the region.


– Ask us about financial assistance
– Facial Feminization and Masculinization Surgery
– Fertility Preservation
– Gender-affirming Hormone Therapy
– Gender-Affirming Mastectomy and Mammaplasty
– Management of Complications After Gender Affirming Surgery
– Mental Health Support
– Metoidioplasty
– Orchiectomy
– Penile Prosthesis After Phalloplasty
– Phalloplasty
– Transgender Urologic Services
– Vaginoplasty

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For Providers:

For UNC Providers/Providers who use Epic: Referral Instructions
For outside referrals: Fax referrals to 919-966-0098 with attn: Transgender Health Program

All referrals should include:

  • Reason for referral
  • Patient name and pronouns
  • Any relevant medical records
  • Letters of support for gender-affirming surgery, if applicable

How to contact the Transgender Health Program

If you are interested in:

  • Learning more about the program
  • Starting or learning about our Pediatric Gender Clinic
  • Receiving hormone therapy
  • Receiving gender-affirming primary care
  • Being connected with gender-affirming physicians
  • Receiving mental health services
  • Starting or learning about our surgery process
  • Or learning more about community resources
  • Ask us about financial assistance


Our most central goal at THP is to continue to provide the best gender-affirming care possible and ensure all our patients get what they deserve. To balance the needs of both our new and existing patients as we work to restructure and incorporate new supportive resources, we are temporarily pausing the intake of new patients into the Transgender Health Program. As of Monday, 3/15/2021, all new patients will be placed on a waitlist. We will use this waitlist to track all new patients and their needs. As we catch up with care navigation for existing patients and incorporate additional support resources, we will slowly add new patients to the program on a first-come, first-serve basis from this waitlist.

You can add your name to our waitlist at

Please also see our full statement regarding this change here.


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UNC Psychiatry Gender Equity and Wellness Initiative

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