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UNC Urology’s Mary Dunn, MSN, NP-C, OCN, RN, alongside University of Washington Urology’s Dr. John Gore, has been Co-Chairing a recent initiative to create part of the American Urological Association’s (AUA) Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Oncology Curriculum.

These new Oncology Modules will enhance the ever-growing list of web-based courses available to AUA members online via the AUA University Website.

“I am very proud to have the opportunity to serve the AUA in this capacity and to work in collaboration with Dr. Gore. This effort is a testament to the greater education mission of the AUA and highlights the commitment to honor and value input from Advanced Practice Providers.”

Mary Dunn, MSN, NP-C, OCN, RN


About the New APP Oncology Modules

Stemming from the feedback of a 2017 Needs Assessment survey sent to APPs, the AUA’s Office of Education presented the idea of a training program specifically designed for APPs who are new to urology.

The goals of the program are to:

  • provide consistent and accurate information and resources to APPs new to urology and
  • provide a foundation of knowledge focused on clinical guidelines and patient safety.

The structure of the program was later approved by the AUA’s APP Education Committee in 2019/2020 and Mary Dunn, MSN, NP-C, OCN, RN and Dr. John Gore were selected for the development of the Oncology Module upon recommendation from their peers.

All the various modules created for the program will include assessments (both pre- and post-assessments and “test your knowledge” questions) and extensive resources (currently existing AUA resources and new content provided all in one place).

Upon completion of the program, the APPs will be given a certificate of completion.

Current Status of the Oncology Modules

As of February 2021, the Prostate Cancer Module is currently in the testing phase and the Bladder Cancer Module is being edited and will then go into the testing phase.

While COVID-19 has delayed the intended launch of the full project, the plan is to have several Oncology Modules live later this year.

About the AUA’s Advanced Practice Provider Membership

The AUA serves as a reliable, reputable, and relevant resource for urology healthcare professionals and prides itself on being an inclusive community, supportive of the urology healthcare team.

Recognizing that physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, nurses, and other allied health care professionals play a key role in the team-based delivery of care, the AUA offers tools and resources to support the successful integration of these providers into the urologic care setting.

As part of the membership, Advanced Practice Provider can take advantage of specially tailored and FREE web-based courses designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in treating common urologic conditions and improve patient care.

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