We have tried to include information that families and practitioners have asked us about. If there is other information you would like us to include, please call Drs. Alvarez or Blatt, at the contact numbers in listed in the Our Team section.

How to make an appointment:

While we are working on finding money with which to hire a coordinator, health care providers can make a new referral to members of our team using the telephone numbers provided on the Our Team page. If you want to see team members in more than one discipline, just let the administrative assistant know and ask him or her to coordinate visits. We usually can arrange same-day visits to at least 2 clinics. After the initial evaluation, we also can help coordinate referrals to other centers when patients have unusually complex problems, are moving, or just want a second opinion.

Staying in the area:

If it is easiest to stay overnight, feel free to ask that we make a referral to our Ronald McDonald House (919-913-2040), for patients under 18 years, or to our SECU House (919-932-8000), for patients 18 years or older. Families of up to 4 people can stay at one of these facilities for one or more nights, depending on availability. If beds are full, RMH or SECU will help families get a discounted hotel room.