Project History


Project Initiation

OIS met with UNC Health Care's Public Affairs and Marketing to discuss Dean Roper's request to standardize the look and feel of UNC School of Medicine and UNC Health Care sites.


Research began immediately to identify peer organizations who had already accomplished intergrated web standardization (UVA, Johns Hopkins, etc.). We analyzed the successes and failures of these sites, web policies, and (when available) procedures evoked to implement standardization.


Web Oversight Committee (WOC)

OIS coordinated with Dr. Orringer to invite representatives throughout the school and UNC Health Care to serve on the WOC. This committee would help identify needs throughout the school and offer advice throughout the project's duration.



OIS created a web survey (approved by the WOC) to help identify current School of Medicine web use and organizational needs. The survey was distributed by WOC committee members through various listservs.



From the survey, we selected interviewees that were representative of the school's constituents. These interviews reviewed some of their survey responses in more detail and uncovered additional web needs.


Departmental Analysis

Performed an analysis of current departmental sites to identify common elements (news, events, etc.) and get a better feel of how departments are currently reaching out to their respective audiences.


UNC School of Medicine and UNC Health Care Coordination Meetings

Representatives from the school's Office of Information Systems met with representatives from UNC Health Care's Public Affairs and Marketing and ISD to coordinate needs and web standardization efforts. This meeting became a monthly coordination meeting between the two institutions.


User Need Analysis and Requirements Development

Began putting together all identified user needs from surveys, interviews, research, and ongoing conversations with constituents. From these needs, we began writing and discussing the project's initial requirements (what needed to be included in the project to accomodate the majority's needs?).


Initial Design Mockup

Began creating an initial design mock-up to present to the WOC and Dean Roper for approval.


System Development Begins

OIS application developers began initial development on the web standardization project. Plone, an open-source content management system (already used for the MS curriculum), was the chosen application for the standardization project.


Interface Design Approval

After developing several designs and soliciting feedback from various committees, a final design was presented to the WOC and the Dean. Both approved the design and the overall project direction.


OIS began meeting with "early adopter" departments/centers/programs to discuss integrating existing sites into the new system.


OIS began working with all other departments about the new system and standards.