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Options are available both inside and outside of WordPress to crop and resize images. There are many programs (such as Photoshop) that are available to help you crop your images prior to uploading them to a web site. If you don’t have this type of software, web sites such as Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to quickly crop, straighten, rotate, and resize your images — for free. There’s no paid subscription and it’s all done through the browser. If you wish to use WordPress’ capabilities to crop or resize images, the video below will demonstrate how.

Get Photoshop or Other Adobe Apps

Students and instructional faculty and staff can use Adobe Creative Cloud at no cost. For non-instructional faculty and staff, the cost is only $20 a year – a HUGE savings. Students: Place an order for Adobe CC via the Software Distribution site. Faculty and staff: Request the service through Carolina’s Adobe software webpage and purchase it through the BuyCarolina system within ConnectCarolina.

Training opportunities for Adobe software is available via the University’s free access to LinkedIn Learning.

How to Crop and Resize Images in WordPress