Edit Directory Entry Field

Add Name, Credentials (for example, Ben Blomberg, MD) [this field displays in breadcrumbs]

Edit Permalink

Use the individual’s first and last name and remove credentials to keep it simple (/ben-blomberg instead of /ben-blomberg-md-facc-mscr). [This is the URL for the profile]

In the main text field following, type or paste in biographical, training, and publication information.

Ignore the following drop downs: Yoast SEO, Ad Sync

Edit General Info

      • Display name (Same as title: Name, Credentials or Ben Blomberg, MD) [This is the Gallery Display Name]
      • Reverse Display Name (Blomberg, Ben)
      • First
      • Last
      • Gallery Summary: [This is the display under name in the Gallery View] Often is a Title, division (Assistant Clinical Professor, Division of Geriatric Medicine).
      • Don’t Link Profile only if you want a person to appear in your listing, but not link to the profile (often used for staff with no bios).

    • Advanced Degree (ie, MD, MPH)
    • Email: Add this if faculty member wants to include
    • Phone: Add this if faculty members wants to include. Indicate Office, Appointments, etc..
    • Address: mailing or office address (optional)

    Resources and Attachments (optional)

    This is where you can attach a CV and other files. Make sure that these files are uploaded in PDF format. You can also add links to external pages in the “Links 1” dropdown:

    • LinkTo Title: Eg: “UNC Health Care Profile” or “UNC Health Care Profile and Star Rating” if faculty has a star rating.
    • LinkTo URL: Paste URL for Find a Doc physician profile.

    Professional Info

    These are the main titles for the individual. They appear under the name when viewing a profile. Only use ‘Title’ field (Department name shows in a different area – small quirk).

    On the right side of the page

      • Content template: Set to none (this should be already set as default).
      • Tag Divisions: Check the boxes for the appropriate Division/Group affiliated with the profile.

    • Featured Image: Upload the profile photo to the media library to set the featured image.
    • Publish: Change your draft page to publish when it’s finished and approved.You can save it as a draft, or publish with password – You can set a password for the entry and send the link and password to the faculty member for him or her to review.