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The Envira Gallery plugin creates responsive image galleries of photos and/or video.  Clicking on an image within the gallery brings the ima

View the demo page on the Envira Gallery web site to see some of the layout options.


  1. Creating Your First Envira Image Gallery. A video tutorial is also available.
  2. Create a Video Gallery
  3. How to Change the Theme or Look of a Gallery. A video tutorial is also available.
  4. How to Use the Envira Gallery Widget
  5. How to Add Gallery Tags.  A video tutorial is also available. – tagging images allows site visitors to filter the images in your gallery by those tags (categories).
  6. How to Create a Fullscreen WordPress Lightbox Image
  7. Display Lightbox Navigation Arrows Inside/Outside of Images
  8. Disable the Lightbox view of a Gallery
  9. Using the Slideshow Addon (the slideshow displays in the lightbox view). A video tutorial is also available.


Video Gallery

This video gallery uses the Subtle gallery theme.