In order to create a custom menu for your social media links, go to Appearance » Menus.

First, you will need to create a new menu, and title it something like “Social Media.”

Next, choose the “Custom Links” dropdown and add your link and title for the link. Once you add the menu item, it will show up under “Menu Structure.”

If you do not see the “Custom CSS” field in the menu item, try checking the “CSS Classes” box under “Screen Options” at the top of the page.

Use the CSS Class template below:
“[social media brand]-ico

Facebook – “facebook-ico”
Linkedin – “linkedin-ico”
Twitter – “twitter-ico”
Instagram – “instagram-ico”
Snapchat – “snapchat-ico”
YouTube – “youtube-ico”
Vimeo – “vimeo-ico”
RSS Feed – “rss-ico”

Once you have created your social media menu, go to Appearance >> Widgets. Here you can chose where on your site you would like your social media menu to be displayed, for example the footer or the header.

Choose “Navigation Menu” under “Available Widgets”, choose the location where your menu will be displayed, then select your social media menu from the list. Once you save, your menu with the social media icons should be displayed on your site.