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Sidebars are visible columns on the sides of your webpage that can contain useful information, navigation, images, and more.  It is very simple to add content to the sidebars, all of which is done via widgets.  It is also easy to choose how the sidebars are displayed on the page.

Adding sidebars is a simple process, and can be done from the “Page Options” section of the wordpress site editor, as seen below.

Page Options

After a layout is chosen, the content of the sidebar is selected from the “Left Sidebar” and “Right Sidebar” dropdowns.  These dropdowns will contain a list of all of the sidebars that have been created for the site, allowing the user to choose which sidebar to display easily.

In order to create the different sidebars visible within these dropdowns, we use widgets.  To add different widgets to different sidebars, see the widgets guide here: