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Student Wellness Task Force

Our Mission:

To foster and support a culture of wellness for students throughout their medical education across the following domains: academic, professional, mental, physical, and social by opening channels of communication, cultivating a culture of safety and acceptance, providing tools, and building connections within and across the students, community, and administration.

We will accomplish these goals through organizing events, garnering student feedback, advocating for student needs, and recognizing the individuality of students’ needs and experiences. We aim to prepare students to be long-term advocates of wellness for themselves and the organizations of which they are a part and provide a tradition and legacy for future students.

I love that the faculty and staff at UNC truly care! They help cater to each individual student’s needs, and I’m so thankful for that!

– Jessica, Class of 2023

I’m so thankful for my peers. Their positive energy is infectious and makes even the rainiest of days bright!

– Mary, Class of 2022

I love how supportive the community is at UNC SOM. All of the people here are so thoughtful and genuinely kind, it’s so much easier to survive this process when you have the solidarity and support from so many amazing humans.

– Natalie, Class of 2021

I love that the school engages & empowers students to make positive changes for our peers and patients. I hope this will help empower us to improve the systems we will eventually join as. residents and attendings.

– Em, Class of 2021

My peers and professors uplift and inspire me constantly, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the dogs. Dogs of UNC SOM: you are angels on earth, and I would be nothing without you.

– Ben, Class of 2021