WIHS participants are seen every 6 months for a study visit, which includes:
A CENTRALLY SCRIPTED INTERVIEW: Self-reported data collection includes sociodemographic information; health care utilization; general medical as well as obstetric and gynecological histories including contraceptive and other prescription medication use; complete antiretroviral medication inventory; use of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs; sexual risk behaviors; beliefs regarding HIV and its treatment; and psychosocial status. (click HERE to learn more)
A MEDICAL EXAM, consisting of:
    • Physical Exam with a standardized assessment of vital signs; anthropometric measures; and an examination of the breasts, lymph nodes and abdomen. (click HERE to learn more)
    • Gynecologic Exam with cervical cytology and collection of specimens for testing and storage according to the visit protocol. The WIHS protocol includes colposcopic examination and biopsy when indicated.(click HERE to learn more).
    • Neurocognitive Assessment consisting of a series of tasks administered to 25% of the cohort at each visit in order to assess cognitive performance.(click HERE to learn more)
LAB TESTING: Collection of blood, urine, and hair specimens. (click HERE to learn more)