Requests for initiating new sub-studies or for collaborative research projects within the WIHS must first be submitted in the form of a concept sheet.


Researchers can request:
1. Access to existing data: for analysis and publication or for proposal development.
2. Collection of new data: additions to current data collection forms or sub-studies.
– WIHS prioritizes scientific research activities that are in line with the scientific aims at the beginning of every funding cycle, and these priority projects are financially/administratively supported by WIHS.
– It is important to note that the collection of new data –especially if it entails significant burden to the participant- requires funding for administrative support to the sites (for protocol administration/data management) and participant reimbursement.


Please review the detailed concept sheet instructions found in the Investigator Information portion of the Public MWCCS Website.


Given the size of the MWCCS structure and the volume of research being conducted, all investigators who are bringing new projects to the MWCCS (either single or multi site projects) need to follow the established process outlined in the MWCCS Investigator How-To’s.

NOTE: All UNC-led MWCCS Concept Sheets must be reviewed – and approved- by the UNC PI (Ada Adimora) prior to submission.

If you are interested in submitting a concept sheet send an Catalina Ramirez () with a brief description of the concept that includes: brief description concept, specific data sources (i.e., what data would you need?), UNC WIHS support needed (i.e., do you need help with the analysis?).