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The VP for R & P has the following duties as outlined by the WMS Constitution:

  • Coordinate and help find funding for UNC SOM publications.
  • Serve as a liaison with the John B. Graham Student Research Society and assist with Student Research Day.
  • Work with the VPs of IT to produce the student directory.

In general, this position allows for opportunities to get involved not only in research, but also in general WMS and SOM affairs. Working with the other officers for the betterment of the SOM is one of the main goals of Whitehead and this position has flexibility to help out with other projects.

Currently, we are working on a school-wide monthly newsletter to inform students about important events–including curriculum updates, financial aid tips, upcoming important dates–and to help connect classes with one another. It is always nice to hear about rotations from the 3rd/4th years so the preclinical students know that the end of classroom learning is only a few years away!

If you would like more information about this position, have any ideas/thoughts about research/publications, or just generally, ideas about how we can make our school better, send an email to Thanks for reading!

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