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At the beginning of the Fall semester, Student Affairs Representatives allot funds to University recognized student groups. Throughout the year, student organizations can spend money within their budget for their organizations events. Students are to turn in receipts and be reimbursed. Invoices are another option in which students can order items for an event and have the provider paid directly. With this method, students do not have to pay for the service at the time of delivery. Below, please find more information about what funds can be used for and the procedure for reimbursement.

Whitehead Medical Society funds can be used for:

  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Supplies
  • Community Service activities

Medical Alumni Association funds can be used for:

  • Conference Fees
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Expenses should be approved by Jan Lovell of the MAA, she can be contacted at

Things that are not covered include:

  • Speaker fees
  • Speaker travel
  • Gifts for speakers
  • Charitable donations
  • Alcohol


  1. Save the original receipts
  2. Fill out the WMS Reimbursement form (WMS Reimbursement Form)
  3. Turn the form in with the receipts stapled to it in our WMS Reimbursement box

How can your organization make use of invoices?

  • They are generally accepted, but please check with the Student Affairs Representatives to confirm vendor.
  • On the WMS Reimbursement form, indicate who the check is to be mailed to.
  • Please submit invoices as soon as possible, so that UNC SOM can maintain a good relationship with its vendors.

Where is the WMS Reimbursement box located?

  • The ground floor of MacNider near the vicinity of the entrance to Old Clinic. It is a small, tan box mounted to the wall labeled “WMS Reimbursements” next to the SHAC office. Please do not place in any other boxes near the stairwell, as we do not have access to these.