Admissions Team

All admissions staff members are able to answer general questions about your application status. Please be sure to check our FAQ page as some of your questions may already be answered there.

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Ms.  Reid

Operations Manager and Admissions Officer

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  • Oversees day- to-day operations of Admissions Office
  • Contact for questions about: pre-med advising, post interview counseling, NC residency information, general admissions questions, and your application status
  • To contact: (919) 966-9931


Ms. James

Interview Coordinator

  • Once you have been selected to be interviewed: sends email with directions and the link to schedule your interview date
  • Coordinates the schedules for the interviews
  • Will greet you the day of your interview
  • Answers general admissions questions
  • To contact: (919) 962-8331

    Mr. Shuler

    Student Services and Records Coordinator

  • Sends email to acknowledge receipt of your AMCAS application
  • Sends email if you are selected to receive a secondary application
  • Sends email updates throughout interview season
  • Answers questions about application status and general admissions questions
  • To contact: