Chartfield Information

The implementation of ConnectCarolina for Finance and HR/Payroll included a redesign of its chart of accounts structure. The transition to these Chartfields is also one of the largest adjustments that ConnectCarolina users will have to make to effectively work in the new system. Many resources have been developed that will help you get acclimated to using the new Chartfields. Check out the links below to view some helpful resources to get you started.



PDF Document Mini Icon Chartfield Structure Quick Reference Card This document will help you understand the new chartfield structure.
  • There are 5 mandatory chartfields: Business Unit, Fund, Source, Department, and Account
    • For Sponsored Projects there are three additional mandatory fields: PC Business Unit, Project ID, Activity Code
  • There are 4 optional chartfields: Cost Code 1, Cost Code 2, Cost Code 3, and Program Code
PDF Document Mini Icon Chartfield Structure Quick Reference Card (insert) This document includes the fund ranges with their matching source ranges
PDF Document Mini Icon Most Commonly Used Fund Groups, Sources, and Accounts This document was created by the SOM to outline the most commonly used Fund Groups, Source Ranges, and Expense Account codes.
Excel Document Mini Icon PeopleSoft Account List This document can be utilized to view the revenue and expense account codes
Excel Document Mini Icon List of SOM Department ID's This document lists the SOM department ID's (last updated in FY16)
Excel Document Mini Icon SOM Program Codes With FY17, the SOM implemented mandatory program codes on all EHRA Faculty and EHRA Non-Faculty.  This document lists the SOM Program Codes with examples of how to use them.
PDF Document Mini Icon SOM Most Commonly Used Program Codes This document contains the SOM Program Codes in the following groupings: Administrative, Clinical, Education, Research, and Other
PowerPoint Image cFTE Documentation This PowerPoint gives cFTE scenarios, as well as the formula and definition. 
Excel Document Mini Icon Cost Code Template Use this template to request new Cost Code fields.  The first tab of the spreadsheet identifies the cost code prefix for the SOM departments.  The template can be submitted to .