Baby Brain Development Research Study

Help us learn how baby brain and behavior develop during the first year of life. We are interested in if and how that growth is influenced by substance exposures during pregnancy, and also by early life experience. **All information collected is confidential** Earn up to $335 for full participation.



Researchers at UNC are looking for mothers and their newborn infants to participate in a research study of infant brain development and early behaviors. 

We will study 3 groups of babies. These groups are based on their mothers’ use of substances any time during pregnancy:

1.  Mothers who used cocaine during pregnancy (alone or with other substances).
2.  Mothers who used other substances but did not use cocaine during pregnancy. These substances may include tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, opiates, or others.
3.  Mothers who did not use any tobacco, alcohol, opiates, or illegal substances during pregnancy.

***All information collected is confidential***

We will study moms and babies from 3rd trimester of pregnancy to 9 months after baby is born.

Participation includes:

  • Brain Imaging (MRI) of sleeping infant’s brain with no sedation at 2 weeks, 3 months and 9 months. 
  • Interviews and questionnaires for mother
  • Lab visits for mother and baby (at 3 months and 9 months)
  • Brief Telephone Interview with mother when baby is 6 months old
  • Mother will have blood pressure and heart activity measured and will have blood, urine and saliva samples taken.
  • Baby will have saliva samples taken.
  • Baby will have tests of memory, attention and heart rate response.

 We will pay up to $335.00 for completion of 3 brain MRIs, 2 lab visits and maternal interviews and questionnaires.  

Free Parking or transportation to UNC for study visits

If interested, please contact:

UNC Mother Infant Research Studies
Phone: 919-843-3419

Or click here to contact us