Welcome to the Sponsored Programs Office

Central Office for Research Administration in the School of Medicine

The Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) is an administrative organization within the School of Medicine and is under the perview of the Vice Dean for Research. Its overall responsibilities include three primary functions: The pre-audit review and analysis of all designated grant proposals/contracts; review and approval of the School’s Service Contracts and Student Agreements; Training & Guidance in Proposal Development/Processing. The Office is fully committed to supporting the research mission of the School and protecting the overall interest and integrity of the University and School of Medicine. Its goal is to offer the highest level of customer service and research administration expertise.

SPO staff serves in a supporting role to the departments, centers and programs. Staff conduct a careful review/analysis of proposals and work with the administering units to assure that each are prepared in accordance with all relevant policies of the University and funding agencies and are compliant with any relevant State or Federal regulations. Training and overview for the School’s grants staff and business administrators in the development of budgets, regulatory matters, processing requirements and agency updates is provided on request for individuals, departments or School-wide.

The School’s researchers typically initiate approximately 50% of all grant proposals submitted from the University and the School’s departments, centers and programs generate over 80% of all the contractual activity associated with services or student rotations. The SPO provides final University approval for the School’s grant submissions involving direct or indirect flow-down funding from the National Institutes of Health, Foundations and non-Profit Organizations (Applicable to UNC as prime applicant or as a subcontract to another institution.)  This includes the approval of Just-In-Time requests.

The office works in close collaboration with the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) with regard to all facets of pre-award administration and is a liaison between University Counsel, UNC P&A, departments and other campus offices for the routing and approval of contractual agreements.

University policies for sponsored research and other pertinent information for proposal development and internal processing requirements can be found on the website of the Office of Sponsored Research.