Clinical Trials Consortium

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The Transplant Clinical Research Group at UNC is committed to conducting ongoing clinical studies to expand what we already know about pre and post transplant patients and potential new treatments. The group is currently conducting a number of clinical trials, many of which are studies looking at new medications to help prevent rejection of the transplanted organ. There are also studies that do not involve medications. These studies may collect blood, urine or other specimens taken during routine tests or procedures. These samples will help doctors and researchers learn more about various diseases and/or about our patient population in general. 

Our People

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The research team works along with the clinical care team (doctors, nurses, and coordinators) to manage study participation for an effective and worthwhile experience. Our Principal Investigators, Drs David Gerber, Tomasz Kozlowski, and Alexander Toledo are faculty members as well as part of the clinical care team. 

The research team has study coordinators who handle the coordination of the clinical trials with the clinical team, patients to carry out the study. They may approach patients about a study while in the hospital or the clinic and perform study visits with the patients. The coordinators are Paula Steele, CCRC; Marisa Deburkarte, CCRC; and Madeline Carroll, RN. Research is an important part of the UNC community, and we appreciate your contribution.

Ongoing Clinical Trials

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