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Melina Kibbe, MD

The extensive clinical services provided by the Department of Surgery are dedicated to the wellness and treatment of adults and children in North Carolina. We specialize in the most complicated illnesses and conditions, and serve as a surgical referral center for patients and physicians from throughout the United States and worldwide. Our faculty, staff, and residents are committed to service and excellence as we provide the best care possible, create new knowledge, and educate the surgeons and teachers of tomorrow.

In great appreciation and respect, I acknowledge the work and dedication of my predecessors, who served as Chairman of Surgery:

Nathan A. Womack, MD (1951-1966)
Colin G. Thomas, Jr., MD (1966-1984)
George F. Sheldon, MD (1984-2001)
Anthony A. Meyer, MD, PhD (2001-2016)

We welcome your interest and any questions you might have about our Department.

Melina Kibbe, MD
Colin G. Thomas, Jr., MD Distinguished Professor and Chair
Department of Surgery

News Collection

  • Melina Kibbe, MD, Wins Spring 2019 Clinical Scientist Award

    The Department of Veterans Affairs awarded Dr. Melina Kibbe, MD, Chair, and Professor at UNC Surgery, with the Biomedical Laboratory R&D Senior Clinical Scientist Award. She received the award for her project entitled, “Novel in situ custom biodegradable drug-eluting stents for endovascular surgery.”

  • Meet Ezequiel Parodi, MD, the New Vascular Surgeon Joining UNC Surgery

    Ezequiel Parodi, MD, is the new Associate Professor with UNC Surgery in the Division of Vascular Surgery. He sat down to discuss what inspired him to become a surgeon, why he chose to pursue academic medicine, and his work with complex aortic disease.

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