Lab Alumni

Deborah Nusskern
Debbie was the laboratory's first tech. She subsequently participated in the human genome sequencing project spearheaded by Craig Venter at Celera Corp, and is now at Euclid Dianostics.

Jianping Song
Jianping Song

Jianping was the lab's fist post-doc and is now Associate Director of Assay Development at Galenea Corp in Boston. During her time in the lab, Jianping
studied the role of G protein myristoylation and palmitoylation in subunit binding and membrane localization.
Kathy Gillen
Kathy Gillen

Kathy completed her post-doc training and is now a professor at Kenyon College. Kathy's project was to map the determinants within Gpa1 required for proper targeting to the plasma membrane.
Donald Apanovitch
Donald M. Apanovitch
A former postdoc, Don is now Head of Functional Genomics at Pfizer. While in the lab Don demonstrated that the RGS protein Sst2 functions as a GTPase accelerating protein for the G protein in yeast Gpa1. 
Paul DiBello
Paul DiBello

A former postdoc, Paul later worked in the field of bioinformatics and information technology, now at Yale University. While in the lab Paul identified an RGS-insensitive mutant form of the G protein, which is now widely used to study the role of RGS-mediated regulation in animals and cell culture.
 Tiffany Garrison
Tiffany Garrison

Tiffany received her PhD in Pharmacology from Yale and later post-doc training with Robert Lefkowitz. During her time in the lab, Tiffany used mass spectrometry to map sites of MAPK phosphorylation within the RGS protein Sst2. She is now Group Leader at Abbvie Corporation (formerly Abbott) in Chicago.
Ginger Hoffman
Ginger Hoffman

Ginger is now a professor at Saint Joseph's University. Ginger received her PhD in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program at Yale. In an effort to further postpone a career decision she  enrolled in yet another PhD program in Philosophy at MIT. We're not sure what is more surprising, a second PhD or the existence of a philosophy department at MIT.
Scott Burchett
Scott Burchett

As a postdoc Scott pioneered the use of systems-level analysis of G protein signaling in yeast.
Kathleen Ehrhard
Kathleen Ehrhard

Kathleen received her PhD in Pharmacology from Yale and is now an attorney at Frommer Lawrence & Haug (YIKES!). While in the lab, Kathleen developed a new method to detect protein-protein interactions at the plasma membrane.
Louis Marotti
Louis Marotti

Lou earned his MD/PhD and then joined the Neurosurgery program at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Working together with the Rudi Aebersold lab, Lou was the first individual to use mass spectrometry to map a ubiquitination-site.
Paul Flanary 1998-2003
Paul Flanary

Paul received his Ph.D from the University of Hawaii. After moving off island, he has found more time to read (latest novel "Paradise Lost") and to eat (raw fish wrapped in seaweed). Paul is now Director of R&D at Awareness Technology.
Stefanie Hueber

Stefi was a visiting Masters student and resident wunderkind from Germany, has since completed her PhD thesis research at Max Planck in Tubingen, and is currently a researcher in Applied Bioinformatics at University of Konstanz Germany.

Ming Guo
Ming Guo

Ming was a PhD student in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program at Yale.  While in the lab Ming was the first to demonstate a positive signaling role for the yeast G protein alpha subunit Gpa1. He made other discoveries, but can't find his data at the moment.
Yuh-in Wu
Yuh-lin Wu

Yuh-Lin is now a professor in the Physiology Department at National Yang-Ming University in Taipei Taiwan. While in the lab Yuh-Lin characterized a dominant-negative mutant of the G protein alpha subunit, Gpa1, currently being used to isolate new G protein binding partners.
Scott Chasse
Scott Chasse

A former postdoc, Scott
pioneered genome-scale analysis of the yeast pheromone pathway. Having performed roughly 15,000 dose response assays, you can forgive his slightly dazed appearance. Scott has since relocated across the street where he is studying how the brain adapts to repetitive behaviors behaviors. Go Hokies.
Yuqi Wang
Yuqi Wang

Yuqi is now a professor of biology at St. Louis University. While a postdoc in the lab, Yuqi was the first to show stimulus-dependent ubiquitination of a MAPKK protein (Ste7), and the first to show pheromone-regulated sumoylation of a mating pathway component (Ste12 and Tec1).
Christine Fraser 2001-2005
Christine Fraser

Christine was for many years the lab manager, and has since returned to the civilization of her native Australia, where she lives in harmony with her 35 cats.

Stephen Parnell 2001-2006
Stephen Parnell

Stephen is now a professor at KU Medical Center. As a postdoc Stephen studied regulation of pheromone siganling by MAPK phosphorylation. Known for his "explosive" personality, he will be remembered as the the lab source of shooting flaming balls with report. Light fuse and get away. Rock chalk Jayhawk. Go KU.
For a closer look at what is coming out of Stephen's nose, click here.
Nan Hao 2001-2006
Nan Hao

Nan is now a professor at UC San Diego. Nan graduated with his PhD in the Biochemistry and Biophysics Department, did a brief post-doc with Tim Elston in the Pharmacology Department, and then with Erin O'Shea at Harvard University. While in the lab Nan pioneered the use of quantitative and computational biology to investigate pheromone signaling dynamics in yeast.
Corinne Zeller 2002-2007
Corinne Zeller

Corinne was a graduate student in  Biochemistry and Biophysics. While in the lab she identified a signaling function for the atypical Gbeta protein Asc1. Her favorite number will always be 7. Her favorite letters will always be "W" and "D". After 3 years teaching biology at Saint Augustine's College, and a postdoc in Perry Blackshear's lab at NIEHS, she is now Medical Science Liaison at Vaya Pharma. In her spare time she can be seen at local Monica Lewinsky lookalike contests.

Janna Slessareva

Janna Slessareva
A native of Moscow, Janna joined the lab as a postoc in 2003. Janna discovered a new signaling pathway linking G protein activation to phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase at endosome. Her work philosophy was simple: "throw P.I. in water and let him sink or swim." Having mastered use of definite articles (including much baffling word "the"), Janna has joined ranks of mushrooming biotechnology industry here in Research Triangle Park.

Michael J. Lee

Michael J. Lee

Mike is now a professor at UMass Medical School. At UNC Mike was a graduate student in Pharmacology, and then moved on to a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT working with Mike Yaffe. While in the lab Mike discovered a non-receptor activator of G protein signaling, called Arr4/Get3.

Jeffrey Duffy

Jeffrey Duffy
native of North Carolina, Jeff received his BS in Biology from UNC in 2008. After graduating he spent two years grinding his teeth over protein purification, and has since headed to UNC's School of Dentistry. Smile y'all.

Erin Heenan

Erin Heenan

A true Tar Heel, Erin was a graduate student in Biochemistry and Biophysics. Her project was to unmask the structure-function relationships of an atypical G protein beta/gamma complex (Vps15/Atg14) located at the endosome. After receiving her PhD Erin headed off to law school at George Mason University.

Laura Hall

Laura Hall

native of Arizona, Laura was a member of the Molecular and Cellular Biophysics training program and graduate student in Biochemistry and Biophysics. Her Master's thesis project was focused on the scaffolding function of the yeast RGS protein Sst2. Laura has since moved to the west coast to pursue new passions.

Steven Cappell

Steven Cappell
Steve was a graduate student in the Pharmacology Department. His project was to mine the "essential genome" for new regulators of G protein signal transduction. Steve has since moved to the Tobias Meyer lab at Stanford University where he is a Damon Runyan fellow.

Evan Lien

Evan was a UNC Chemistry/Biochemistry
major and a Morehead-Cain scholar, working with Michal to identify new regulators of MAPK signal fidelity. Evan worked in the lab for 3+ years, attaining honorary grad student status. Evan earned his real PhD working with Alex Toker at Harvard Medical School and is now a postdoc with Matt Vander Heiden at MIT.

Janice Jones

Janice Jones. 
Jan was a postdoc in the lab working with Alan Jones on a unique self-activating G protein from plant. She was later Assistant Professor in the department, then did metabolomics research at Metabolon, and is currently at AgBiom.

Michal Nagiec

Michal Nagiec
Michal was a graduate student in the Pharmacology Department working on signal coordination between the osmotic-stress and mating-pheromone pathways. After a brief postdoc he has moved to the John Blenis lab at Harvard Medical School and later Cornell Medical College. He is clearly delighted with his good fortune.

Matthew Torres

Matthew Torres, PhD

Matt was a grad student in
the Biochemistry and Biophysics Department having worked with Christoph Borchers, and then joined the lab as a postdoc working on cell cycle regulation of G protein ubiquitination. Matt has since packed up his beloved desk ornament and a professor of Biology at Georgia Tech.
Jillian Hurst, PhD

Jill is now staff editor at the Journal of Clinical Investigation. She received her PhD from University of Georgia. While in the lab she worked on protein kinase ubiquitination and signal fidelity.
Sarah Westrick
Sarah T. Clement

Sarah was a graduate student in Biochemistry and Biophysics, and when not fighting crime as batwoman, or searching for a parking spot, she worked on signal coordination by the mating-pheromone and nutrient-sensing pathways. Sarah nows does clinical research at Parexel in nearby Durham.

Avital Parnas

Avital Parnas, PhD

Avital was postdoc interested in kinase scaffolds and essential genes that regulate MAPK signal intensity. Avital has returned to her native Israel.

Justin English

Justin English

Justin was a graduate student in the Pharmacology Department, working to investigate ultrasensitivity and signal fidelity in MAPK signaling. He is now doing postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Bryan Roth.

Rachael Baker

Rachael Baker, PhD
Rachael was a graduate student in Biochemistry and Biophysics, working on a collaborative project with Sharon Campbell's lab to investigate structure determinants and the functional consequences of G protein ubiquitination. She is currently a professor at Calvin College.

Gauri Dixit

Gauri Dixit
Gauri was a graduate student in Biochemistry and Biophysics working on a joint project with Tim Elston's lab investigating the role of noise in MAPK signaling. Originally from India, Gauri is truly one in a billion. Gauri has relocated to Boston where she is now teaching biochemistry at Massachusettes College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.
Vishwajith Sridharan 2011-2014
Vish Sridharan
Vish was a UNC Chemistry/Biochemistry major, working with Dan to identify new determinants of protein thermostability. Vish worked in the lab for 3+ years, attaining honorary grad student status. Vish is now earning his MD at Harvard Medical School.

Dan Isom

2010-2014 Postdoc
2014-2016 Assistant Professor
Daniel G. Isom, PhD
Dan received his PhD in Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University where he studied protein electrostatics with Bertrand Garcia-Moreno. Dan has been investigating how protein dynamics are regulated by cellular stress and changes in intracellular pH. As of 2016 Dan is a professor of
Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology at University of Miami.

Josh Sheetz

Josh Sheetz
was a UNC Chemistry/Biochemistry major, working with Josh Kelley to identify new F-box protein regulators of the pheromone pathway. This Josh worked closely with the other Josh for 3+ years, attaining honorary grad student status. This Josh is now earning his PhD with Mark Lemmon at Yale University.

Josh Kelley

Joshua B. Kelley, PhD
Josh is a joint post-doc with Tim Elston's group. Josh received his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the University of Virginia, where he studied regulation of the RanGTPase and nuclear transport in the context of stress signaling. He now turns his attention to the regulation of chemotropic growth and gradient sensing. Josh is now  proffesor of biology at University of Maine.

Brian Petersen

Brian Petersen
Brian was a former sailer, electrical engineer, and a grad student in the UNC Neurobiology curriculum. His mission was to rewire the cellular circuitry in the HOG pathway.

Claire Gordy

Claire Gordy, PhD
Claire was a graduate student with You-Wen He at Duke University, and was later a SPIRE postdoctoral fellow working on cross talk between the autophagy and pheromone signaling pathways. She is now professor of biology at NC State University.

Predoctoral student researchers
Over the years the Dohlman lab has hosted numerous college and high school researchers. One or two have actually decided to become scientists! If you are out there, drop us a line and let us know what you are up to.

Peter Drossopoulo (UNC '19)
Aribah Shaw (UNC '17)
Lauren Askew (UNC ' 16)
Sarah Ruiz (UNC Pembroke '15)
Elizabeth Crenshaw (UNC '16)
Lauren Askew (UNC '15)*
Trevor Henley (UNC '14)
Ivan Kuznetsov (Johns Hopkins '16)
Josh Sheetz (UNC '15)
Vish Sridharan (UNC '14)
Holly Lien (UNC '14)
Everett Young (UNC '13)
Norman Pham (UNC '12)
Evan Lien (UNC '11)
Jeffrey Duffy (UNC '08)
Justin Brewster (McGill '08)
Christopher Broda (NC State '07)
Jeffrey Brodin (St. Scholastica '07)
Davida Williams (RAP '04)
Michael Dean (France)
Chen Zhu (RAP '02)

Lee Kiang (Yale '01)
Thomas Cantey (Yale '99)
Maria Hernandez (Wiley College '98)
Anuli Umeojiako (Delaware State '97)
Houman Fardin (Yale '97)
Tom Kraikit (Yale '96)

Temiyabutr Surabhan (Yale '95)

Thuan Bui (UC Berkeley '94)

* current student

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