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Henrik Dohlman Henrik Gunnar Dohlman, PhD
Henrik is the Sanford Steelman Distinguished
Professor and Chair of Pharmacology. Henrik received his PhD with 2012 Nobel Laureate Bob Lefkowitz at a nearby rival university, then did postdoc training with Jeremy Thorner at UC Berkeley, and in 1993 became professor of pharmacology at Yale University before relocating to UNC in 2001.

Shu Zhang

Shu Zhang 
Shu is a native of China and a graduate of Wesleyan University. After working for two years at the HIV Dynamics and Replication Program of the National Cancer Institute, she joined the Molecular and Cellular Biophysics PhD program. Shu is investigating how differential phosphorylation of the MAPK positively and negatively regulates the pheromone pathway.

Yibo Leon Si

Yibo (Leon) Si
Leon is a native of China and a member of the Genetics and Molecular Biology PhD program. Leon is investigating gene duplication in the glucose sensing pathway.

Maria Inez Esteller

Maria Ines Esteller (UNC ’24)
Originally from Venezuela, Maria is a Biochemistry major at UNC and is working with Lizzy.

Lizzy Obarow

Lizzy Obarow
Lizzy is from Pennsylvania and a biochemistry graduate from Lafayette College. She is a Pharmacology graduate student working on G protein active state dysregulation. Purified protein is her favorite, the nanodrop is not.

Gaby Soden

Gaby Soden
Gaby is from North Carolina and was previously a neuroscience major at Davidson College. She is now a Pharmacology graduate student working, in collaboration with Dan Christoffel, on G protein mutations leading to epilepsy and movement disorders. If you need to slice up a brain and look inside, she can assist.

Solstickan placeholder photo for Chloe Viviers

Chloe Viviers
Chloe is a native of South Africa, majoring in Biochemistry at UNC, and is currently working with Lizzy.

Kshitiz Adhikari

Kshitiz Adhikari
Originally from Nepal and then Ohio, Kshitiz is an undergraduate majoring in Biochemistry and currently doing research with Leon.


Dalton Taylor
Dalton is our current lab tech.


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