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Documentation of required immunizations is a very important matter for all health care professionals and something you will be required to do throughout your career. Students at the UNC School of Medicine are required to meet immunization requirements set by the State of North Carolina AND additional requirements established by the School of Medicine. Below are the requirements for the School of Medicine. Campus Health Services will contact you regarding your State requirements. Your acceptance to the UNC School of Medicine is contingent upon your completion of the immunization requirements and submission of the documentation by June 15, 2023. Students admitted after May 15, 2023 will be allowed an extended deadline, but must contact our Health and Safety Coordinator. Please send email to:

The School of Medicine Requires:

  • Tuberculosis Screening: TB blood test/IGRA (QFT-G or T-spot) or a 2-step TB skin test (TST).
    • In low-risk individuals, the TB blood test is the preferred method for screening.
    • A 2-step TST (Tuberculin Skin Test) will require 4 visits and must be performed in the United States. If the first TST is negative, a second TST is placed 1-3 weeks later. The mm (measurement in millimeters) induration is REQUIRED from the tests.
    • If the first or second TST or TB blood test is positive/reactive, the student is required to meet with a Campus Health medical provider. Note: if a TST was placed within the previous 12 months and it was negative, it is acceptable to only do 1 additional TST to meet the 2-step requirement.
    • If you have a history of a positive/reactive TB screening test (TST or TB blood test), please make an appointment with a Campus Health provider for further evaluation and clearance. Please bring previous records to the meeting.
    • For each subsequent year, either an annual TB screening test or a TB questionnaire administered by a nurse will be required. The questionnaire is only done for students who have had a positive TB screening test. Annual screenings can be done at UNC Campus Health.
    • Note: For individuals who have had the BCG vaccine, the TB blood test is preferred over the skin test.
  • Varicella: you must have either a positive quantitative titer or, two dates of vaccinations done four weeks apart. Please note, having Chicken pox WILL NOT MEET the requirement, your test result must indicate either immunity, or a positive result.
  • Hepatitis B: a primary series of Hepatitis B vaccines or 2 Heplisav B vaccines and a positive (>10mIU/mL) serological quantitative Hepatitis B surface antibody titer (HBsAb)1-2 months after the last vaccine of the series. Documentation must show date of immunizations and date of the quantitative result of titer. If the series was completed and if the titer checked upon matriculation is negative, the student will get 1 hepatitis B vaccine dose (ie a booster dose) and re-titer at 1-2 months after vaccination. If the second titer is negative, the student will get the additional Hepatitis B vaccine(s) to complete the series per the standard schedule. A final titer should be done 1-2 months after the final vaccine (of the series) and if this is negative, the student should be considered a non-responder and evaluated and counseled appropriately by a UNC Campus Health provider. Note: completion of the requirements may take several months.
  • One Tdap (this will meet both the state and UNC School of Medicine requirements) This Tdap is a one-time required vaccine for all health science students. A Td (or Tdap) booster is required every 10 years thereafter.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine: Provide documentation of complete FDA EUA COVID-19 vaccination. Positive titer showing immunity or history of the disease IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.
    • 2 doses of Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine given at least 21 days apart OR
    • 2 doses of Moderna vaccine given at least 28 days apart OR
    • 1 does of Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine

It is also strongly recommended to be up to date regarding vaccine booster recommendations.

Information and details regarding submitting your School of Medicine immunization paperwork will be sent upon matriculation.

Bernice L. Mayo
Health & Safety, ERAS & NRMP Coordinator
UNC School of Medicine
Student Affairs Office
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-9535
113 MacNider Hall

If you have questions about the School of Medicine requirements, please send email to: