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Center for Literacy and Disability Studies

Center for Literacy and Disability Studies

It is the belief of the CLDS that disabilities are only one of many factors that influence an individual’s ability to learn to read and write and to use print throughout their life and across their living environments. All individuals, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, have the right to an opportunity to learn to read and write in order to increase and enhance their educational opportunities, vocational success, communicative competence, self-empowerment capabilities, and independence.

Addressing the literacy learning needs of persons with disabilities of all ages.


Project Core

Project Core Development

Project Core aims to develop a comprehensive implementation program for the delivery of universal core vocabulary instruction and augmentative communication supports using the multi-tiered system for augmenting language (mSAL). Student implementation supports, tools, and training resources can be found at the Project Core website.

For more information, visit Project Core website

DLM Professional Development

Dynamic Learning Maps

Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) is an alternate assessment system based on the development of learning maps, which include both traditional learning progressions and the multiple, alternate routes that students with significant intellectual disabilities might take to learn new skills and develop new understandings. The CLDS is a key partner, taking the lead in creating and testing a multi-modal, universally designed professional development program to accompany the DLM assessment.

For more information, visit DLM Professional Development website

Tar Heel Reader

Tar Heel Reader

Tar Heel Reader is a growing free library of accessible, beginning level readers for students of all ages. You may write your own books using pictures from the huge collection at Flickr or pictures you upload. All books should be complete, edited, and revised to the best of your ability before publishing them to the site.

For more information, visit Tar Heel Reader website

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