The Clinical Instructor (CI) manages clinic responsibilities as well as the responsibilities of mentoring a student.

Prior to Rotation

  • Review materials sent to the site about the student, including individuals goals and objectives for the clinical rotation
  • Review materials about the UNC DPT program
  • Consider planning in advance learning activities that may require additional lead-time, like observing other disciplines
  • Complete Web CPI training

During the Rotation

  • Offer regular informal feedback to the student, including affirmations and suggestions for areas of improvement.
  • Communicate with the director of clinical education. At midterm of the rotation, communicate by phone to report on the student’s progress and clarify the academic program’s expectations.
  • Provide written feedback at midterm and final using the Web CPI. Meet with the student to discuss your evaluation and compare observations with the student’s self-assessment.

Following the Rotation

  • Complete a review of the UNC curriculum and report about the student’s academic preparation for the clinical rotation.
  • Provide feedback to the director of clinical education regarding the clinical education process

Clinical Instructor Resources

Clinical Instruction Partners:

Benefits for Clinical Instructors

  • AHEC Digital Library Access will allow you to search using PubMed Medline, Cochrane, and other databases. You can access UNC’s electronic journals, including physical therapy.
  • APTA CI Credentialing: UNC-CH hosts clinical instructor credentialing workshops on a regular basis.
  • Clinical Education Workshops: Faculty are willing to come to your facility to provide in-services on topics that relate to your clinical practice and clinical education.
  • Continuing Education Workshop
  • Preference for admission into the online transitional DPT program
  • Mentor program: You have the opportunity to become a professional mentor. Please email if you are interested in being a mentor for entry-level physical therapy students or post-professional students.