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Clinical Instructor, UNC Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program, Department of Medicine

Dell is a nurse practitioner that works for the UNC Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program. She is responsible for facilitating all aspects of patient care for the adult sickle cell patients who receive their care at UNC in our Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program. She serves as the central contact point for patients, families, local physicians and other health care providers. She also provides sickle cell related education to patients and families, medical students, house staff, nurses and other health care providers both those based at UNC Hospitals and those based elsewhere in the State. She is also directly involved with multiple research studies currently underway at UNC.
Dell began working for the UNC Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program in 1992. She worked in the position of Clinical Instructor as a nurse with a Masters in Public Health until late in 1996. She left this position, briefly, to run Medicaid’s Child Health Program (Health Check) and to obtain a nurse practitioner degree. After receiving her Family Nurse Practitioner degree, she returned to the UNC Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program in 1999. Since that time, she has devoted herself to the care of those with sickle cell disease.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1985
Master of Public Health in Nursing Administration, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1991
Family Nurse Practitioner Certification, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1999

American Nurses Credentialing Center, Family Nurse Practitioner, 2003-2008
American Nurses Credentialing Center, Family Nurse Practitioner, 2008-2013
American Nurses Credentialing Center, Family Nurse Practitioner, 2013-2018

Sickle Cell disease, preventive health, obesity, smoking cessation, nutrition

Dell’s research participation is in the area of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). Dell has participated in patient recruitment since the early 1990’s on sickle cell studies carried out through the UNC Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program. She is involved directly with the execution of study protocols, and through providing physical exams. Currently, Dell is involved in clinical studies evaluating factors that contribute to the development of pulmonary hypertension in patients with sickle cell disease and in studies designed to evaluate the contribution of the coagulation and platelet activation systems in sickle cell disease. It is Dell’s hope that through research, we can increase our understanding of sickle cell disease and aid in the development of new treatments for SCD and related complications and therefore improve morbidity and mortality of this genetic illness.
Dell’s clinical expertise is providing medical and nursing care to the adult sickle cell patient. She has developed this expertise through working directly with patients with sickle cell disease that come to UNC Hospitals for their medical care. Dell is passionate about providing the best care possible to our patient population. Given the complicated nature of this genetic disease, education plays a big role in her day to day activities. Teaching plays a big role daily in her interactions with patients and their families. Dell also makes daily rounds on the in-patients and believes it is her responsibility to ensure that the medical students and house staff are up to date with current treatment standards for patients with sickle cell disease and related complications. Dell works closely with the State Sickle Cell Educator Counselors to improve understanding of sickle cell disease in the communities of North Carolina.

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Nurse Recognition Award, UNC School of Medicine, 2007
Staff Merit Citation Award, Council on Sickle Cell Syndrome and Related Genetic Disorders, 2004
Delta Omega Honorary Public Health Society, 1991
Sigma Theta Tau Honorary Nursing Society, 1985