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Welcome to the ASC



The ASC offers skilled technicians that provide technical services for reproducible experimentation in small laboratory animals at UNC.

The ASC provides outstanding technical services and a seamless approach in working with the IACUC, DCM, and other core facilities on campus for labs that utilize small laboratory animals in their research.

We offer technical expertise with small laboratory animal models for reproducibility of research at UNC, and complete study management as well as individual services to fit your needs.

ASC technicians are experienced, highly skilled and maintain American Association for Laboratory Animal Science Technician/Technologist (AALAS) certifications.

Please contact us to discuss your project needs.


ASC and Covid-19

The ASC is on-campus working for you during this difficult time. Due to the current situation there are some changes to note:

  1. Please avoid entering our lab. Sample drop-off and pickup should occur through passive methods whenever possible. There is a cart outside our lab we will utilize for this purpose.
  2. We will request you drop-off samples for injection rather than meeting us in the facility to avoid close contact between ASC and lab personnel.


Acknowledgement and Citations:

  • All work provided by the ASC which is included in a publication record should acknowledge the contribution of the core facility.  Proper acknowledgment of our core facility enables us to obtain financial and other support so we may continue to provide essential services in the best ways possible.  It would be appreciated if you sent a copy of the accepted manuscript and/or published paper to  This will allow us to demonstrate our impact to the UNC Community.
  • If any facility personnel makes a substantial intellectual and/or experimental contribution to a publication they deserve recognition just as any other co-author.  This is essential for the professional development of our staff.  We recommend scientists follow the “ABRF Recommended Guidelines for Authorship on Manuscripts.”

Please include the text  below in your publication acknowledgements:

Animal studies were performed within the UNC Lineberger ASC at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which is supported in part by an NCI Center Core Support Grant (CA16086) to the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center