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  • Feltcher Meghan E, Gunawardena Harsha P, Zulauf Kate E, Malik Seidu, Griffin JE, Sassetti CM, Chen X, Braunstein M.Label-free quantitative proteomics reveals a role for the Mycobacterium tuberculosis SecA2 pathway in exporting solute binding proteins and Mce transporters to the cell wall. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 2015, March 26.


  • Cui Liu, Yanbao Yu, Feng Liu, John A. Wrobel, Li Zhou, Xin Wei, Harsha P. Gunawardena, Jian Jin, and Xian Chen* (2014) A chromatin activity-based chemoproteomic approach reveals a transcriptional repressome for gene-specific silencing. Nature Communications, Dec.15th, 2014, In press.
  • Guy Aaron Hobbs, Lauren E Mitchell, Megan E. Arrington, Harsha P Gunarwardena, Molly J DeCristo, Xian Chen, Adrienne D Cox, Sharon L Campbell (2014) Redox Regulation of Rac1 by Thiol Oxidation. Free Radical Biology & Medicine. In press.
  • Tadashi Nakagawa, Lei Lv, Makiko Nakagawa, Yanbao Yu, Chao Yu, Ana C. D’Alessio, Keiko Nakayama, Heng-Yu Fan, Xian Chen, (2014) CRL4VprBP E3 ligase promotes monoubiquitylation and chromatin binding of TET dioxygenases. Molecular Cell, in press.
  • Whiteaker JR, Halusa GN, Hoofnagle AN, Sharma V, MacLean B, Yan P, Wrobel JA, Kennedy J,…Contributing authors of NCI Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC), Paulovich AG*. (2014) CPTAC Assay Portal: a repository of targeted proteomic assays. Nature Methods.11(7):703-4.
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  • Xingnan Zhen, Bo Zhai, Peppi Koivunen, Sandra Shin, Gang Lu, Jiayun Liu, Christoph Geisen, Abhishek Chakraborty, Javid Moslehi, David Smalley, Xin Wei, Xian Chen, Zhengming Chen, Justine Beres, Jing Zhang, Jen Lan Tsao, Mitchell Brenner, Yuqing Zhang, Cheng Fan, Ronald DePinho, Jihye Park, Steven Gygi, William Kaelin, and Qing Zhang “Prolyl Hydroxylation by EglN2 Destabilizes FOXO3a by Blocking its Interaction with the USP9x Deubiquitinase”. Genes & Development, 2014, 28, 1429-1444.
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  • Harsha P. Gunawardena, Meghan E. Feltcher, John A. wrobel, Sheng Gu, Miriam Braunstein, Xian Chen Comparison of the Membrane Proteome of Virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the Attenuated Mycobacterium bovis BCG Vaccine Strain by Label-free Quantitative Proteomics” J. Proteome Research 2013, 12(12), 5463-5474 Web-link to article
  • Hayden JD, Brown LR, Gunawardena HP, Perkowski EF, Chen X, Braunstein M. Reversible acetylation regulates acetate and propionate metabolism in Mycobacterium smegmatis. Microbiology. 2013 Sep;159(Pt 9):1986-99. Web-link to article
  • Tang S, Bai C, Yang P, Chen X. 14-3-3ε boosts bleomycin-induced DNA damage response by inhibiting the drug-resistant activity of MVP. J. Proteome Research. 2013 Jun 7;12(6):2511-24. Web-link to article
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  • Jainab Khatun, Yanbao Yu, John Wrobel, Christoph, Brian Risk, Harsha P. Gunawardena, Ashley Secrest, Wendy Spitzer, Dennis Crenshaw, Xian Chen and Morgan C. Giddings. BMC Genomics 2013, 14, 141 “Whole human genome proteogenomic mapping for ENCODE cell-line data: identifying protein-coding regions” web-link to article
  • Hui Wang, Dandan Dong, Siwei Tang, Xian Chen* and Qian Gao* (2013) “PPE38 of Mycobacterium marinum triggers the cross-talk of multiple pathways involved in the host response, as revealed by subcellular quantitative proteomics”.J Proteome Research 2013, 12(5) 2055-2066 web-link to article
  • Karen R. Lane, Yanbao Yu, Patrick E. Lackey, Xian Chen, William F. Marzluff, and Jean Cook (2013) “Cell cycle-regulated protein abundance changes in synchronously proliferating HeLa cells include regulation of pre-mRNA splicing proteins.” PLoS One, 8 (3), e58456. web-link to article
  • Ling Xie, Cui Liu, Li Wang, Harsha P. Gunawardena, Yanbao Yu, Ruyun Du, Debra J.Taxman, Penggao Dai, Zhen Yan, Jing Yu, Stephen P. Holly, Leslie V. Parise, Yisong Wan, Jenny P. Ting, and Xian Chen, Cell Reports 2013, 3, 1-11 “Protein Phosphatase 2A Catalytic Subunit C (PP2Ac) Plays a MyD88-dependent, Central Role in the Gene-specific Regulation of Endotoxin Tolerance” Web-link to article
  • Cui Liu, Lin-Chen Li, Wen-Qian Chen, Xian Chen, Zhi-Hong Xu and Shu-Nong Bai (2013) HDA18 Affects Cell Fate in the Arabidopsis Root Epidermis via Histone Acetylation at Four Kinase Genes. Plant Cell, 2013, 112, 107045. web-link to article


  • Siwei Tang, Huimin Bao, Yang Zhang, Jun Yao, Pengyuan Yang, and Xian Chen* “14-3-3ε Mediates the Cell Fate Decision-making Pathways in Response of Hepatocellular Carcinoma to Bleomycin-induced DNA Damage” PloS One, 2012 8(3), e55268
  • G. Aaron Hobbs, Marcelo G. Bonini, Harsha P. Gunawardena, Xian Chen, Sharon L. Campbell Free Radical Bio. and Med., Oct 2012 In Press “Glutathiolated Ras: Characterization and Implications for Ras Activation” Web-link to article
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  • Jennifer Cable, Kirk Prutzman, Harsha P. Gunawardena, Michael D. Schaller, Xian Chen, Sharon Campbell “Phosphorylation of the Focal Adhesion Targeting (FAT) domain of Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) reveals a possible mechanism for regulation of pH” Biochemistry 2012, 51(11): 2213-2223. Web-link to article
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  • YuanYu Lee, YanBao Yu, Harsha P. Gunawardena, Ling Xie, and Xian Chen “BCLAF1 is a Radiation-induced H2AX-interacting Partner Involved in gH2AX-mediated Regulation of Apoptosis and DNA Repair” Accepted in Cell Death & Disease 2012, e359. Web-link to article


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Prior to 1998

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