Here’s what CAMPOS students can expect each year, though some changes in this are likely as the program continues to evolve.

CAMPOS curriculum, by year of medical school - click on the year for details

Years 1& 2 | Summer | Year 3 | Year 4

Years One and Two

Welcome to CAMPOS! An orientation meeting will be held during medical school orientation week and allows incoming students to meet with faculty and other CAMPOS students to learn more about the program.


In late August of each of the first two years, a required orientation program is scheduled.  The purpose of these meetings is to preview the upcoming year and to set expectations.  CAMPOS faculty, members of the North Carolina Farmworkers Program and the CAMPOS staff coordinator attend. 


Medical Spanish elective

This elective occurs on selected afternoons during the first two years.  The meeting times take into account your test schedules and other curriculum activities. Incoming CAMPOS students will be placed in either the intermediate or advanced group, based on language fluency. Students will learn the medical interview in both English and Spanish. CAMPOS faculty will serve as teachers for the small groups.  At selected times throughout the two years, both groups will meet together for special lectures and activities related to interviewing, physical exam, or cultural issues, using small group discussions and standardized patients. These sessions will be conducted in Spanish and emphasize the spoken language used in clinical encounters.

Students can gain further practice in interviewing skills while working in community practices during community weeks associated with the Introduction to Medicine course, if you are at a site which servies Spanish speaking patients. There are five separate weeks scheduled throughout first and second years.

Community Service

CAMPOS students are required, as part of their Medical Spanish elective, to perform 10 hours of service to the local NC Latino community during each of their first two years of medical school. The goal of the service requirement is to give students a richer understanding of this community and its needs. Travel time to and from the community service and any formalized training your receive in preparation for the event may be applied to the total hours; however, at least 5 of the annual 10 hours must be in direct service to the community. CAMPOS is partnering with the North Carolina Farmworker Program which will provide the majority of community service activities.  The Farmworkers Program conducts outreach and health education activities to migrant works in the Hendersonville, Wake County, Prospect Hill, Moncure and Benson.  Students complete an on-line form documenting their service.

Summer between years one and two

Students are free to take the summer off if they like. However, the following opportunities are available:

Immersion Elective

All CAMPOS students are encouraged (not required) to do a month in a Spanish-speaking country on a health or service-related project. There are several UNC –affiliated programs, such as the Honduran Health Alliance and Proyecto Puentes de Salud, are available, as are a number of extra-mural organizations such as Child Family Health International. Students are encouraged to find an existing program that fits their availability, interest, educational goals, and budget. Credit will be given for programs approved by the faculty. Click on Immersion for a listing of additional resources.

Working with NC Farmworkers Program

Summer internships are available through this program.  Visit their website for details.


Several UNC faculty have ongoing research program in Spanish-speaking countries. Students make arrangements individually with the faculty member. Elective credit is available.

Third Year

Clinical Rotations

Several clerkships (obstetrics/gynecology, family medicine, pediatrics) offer wonderful opportunities to work with Spanish-speaking patients and the CAMPOS administration will forward the list of CAMPOS student to all clinical clerkships, asking them to place you at the site with a high prevalence of Spanish-speaking patients. However, you need to take the initiative and contact individual clerkship administrators to be sure you are placed in this sites. When you sign up for your clerkships in the spring semester of your second year, we will compile and distribute a list of sites developed by CAMPOS students who just completed the clerkships. They will be your best source of information about great sites.

Fourth Year

Immersion Elective

Described above.

 Final Assessment

In March of the fourth year, CAMPOS students will participate in a four station clinical assessment in which they will interview and examine Spanish-speaking patients.  There will also be a final survey and speaking test done over the phone.  And lastly a CCLA-S - Cininician Cultural and Linguistic Assessment will be administered.