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The first seminar in the Carolina Seminar Series: Science meets society at the intersection between precision medicine and justice, equity, and inclusion.”​

Empowering trust: Insights from Community Engagement Initiatives

Community engagement continues to be a critical component in genomic medicine and precision health research where the overall goal is to improve health outcomes of communities. The translation of findings into practice and implementation depends heavily on stakeholder engagement throughout the research process. In this seminar session on Wednesday, November 8th, we explored insights gained from various engagement strategies and how appropriate incorporation of community stakeholders’ insights can improve the relevance and usefulness of genomic medicine and precision health research. Speakers and panelists shared their perspectives on community engagement, discussed strategies to address the gaps that remain, and how to address the challenge of hesitancy among some communities.

Speaker: Mya Roberson, MSPH, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, UNC-Chapel Hill

Panelists: Laura Crandon, Patient Advocate, Founder, Touch4Life

Langston Harrison, Immunization Equity Health Educator, NC Department of Health and Human Services

Julianne O’Daniel, Associate Professor, Department of Genetics, UNC-Chapel Hill

Erin Song, Member, Age-Based Genomic Screening Community Research Board

To view a recording of the seminar, please visit