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Core Faculty Diplomate, Clinical Informatics, Internal Medicine Professor of Medicine Associate Division Chief for Research and Quality Improvement, Hospital Medicine

Dr. Carlton Moore is a Professor of Medicine and board certified in both internal medicine and clinical informatics. He is the current Fellowship Program Director for the Clinical Informatics Fellowship. Dr. Moore is also Associate Chief in the Division of Hospital Medicine, UNC’s Associate Director of the Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement (IHQI), and Associate Director of UNC Hospitals Inpatient Medicine Safety Committee.

Dr. Moore has a MS degree in electrical engineering and prior to medical school, worked as an engineer designing satellite communication systems. The engineering culture that he worked in was always cognizant of preventing and mitigating satellite failures by creating redundant backup systems and meticulously analyzing worse-case failure scenarios. Upon transitioning from a career in engineering to medicine, he assumed that medicine would have a similar culture of safety. However, soon after finishing medical school the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released the report To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System. The IOM’s report described how as many as 100,000 hospitalized patients die each year from medical errors. As a result, a major impetus of Dr. Moore’s research has focused on using his medical, engineering and analytic skills (MS in Biostatistics from Columbia University) to use health information technology to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.

Dr. Moore has over 30 peer-reviewed publications, most focusing on using methodologies used in research, quality improvement and engineering to improve the quality of patient care.