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Associate CMIO, UNC Health Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Pardee Hospital Chief of Academics and Clinician Education, Pardee Hospital

Dr. Lautenschlaeger is a board-certified family medicine physician and clinical informaticist. She works both as CMIO for Pardee Hospital in the mountains and as Associate CMIO UNC for western NC.

Before this role, Dr. Lautenschlaeger was assistant program director for the Hendersonville Family Medicine Residency and is still active in teaching. She has a music performance background (cello) and applies this experience to her teaching, specializing in ‘elephant in the room’ hidden curriculum-type topics, which has been especially useful as a bridge between behind-the-scenes informatics to real-world application.

As an informaticist, her interests focus on universal design, usability, and all things related to human-machine interaction. In clinical work, she found her way to informatics by having a knack for logistical design in clinic workflows, safety, and most importantly, helping her co-workers who were often struggling with the nonpatient care work. Her passion for aviation is reflected in her informatics work, which contains far too many references to cockpit design.

She earned her medical degree from the University of South Carolina and completed her internship and residency at Mayo Clinic, followed by a fellowship and MSPH degree at the University of Utah. She loves all things science fiction (and related conventions), advises fantasy and sci-fi writers on medical issues, and goes hiking outside of the hospital. She is also a beginning acrobat.

  • Family Medicine

  • Pardee Hospital