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Kim Boggess, MD

Principal Investigator
Program Director & Research Director
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, SOM Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development

Dr. Boggess is a 2003 UNC BIRCWH graduate. She previously served as project director under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Eugene Orringer before stepping into the role of Principal Investigator for the 2015 renewal of the program. She has extensive experience with translational and clinical research in women’s health, and in the training and career development of medical students, residents, fellows, and junior faculty. Over the past 20 years she has mentored more than 20 fellows and junior faculty, 15 of who have gone on to academic careers and/or independent funding.

Angela Pusek

Angela Kashuba, PharmD

Associate Research Director
Resource Laboratory Network Director
Dean of UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
John & Deborah McNeill, Jr. Distinguished Professor
Director of UNC CFAR Clinical Pharmacology and Analytical Chemistry Core
Adjunct Professor of Mid-Infectious Diseases

Dr. Kashuba is also a 2003 UNC BIRCWH graduate. She is recognized as an international leader in preclinical and clinical pharmacology and analytical chemistry in the study of optimizing the prevention and treatment of HIV infection. Since graduation from the UNC BIRCWH program she has successfully competed for greater than $13 million in federal grant funds and mentored more than 30 fellows and junior faculty. Her role as Director of the UNC Center for AIDS Research Clinical Pharmacology and Analytical Chemistry Core and Director of the UNC CARE Collaboratory Pharmacology Core give her experience and campus-wide presence to serve as the Resource Laboratory Network Director for Scholars.

Morris Weinberger

Morris Weinberger, PhD

UNC BIRCWH Leadership Team
Vergil N. Slee Distinguished Professor of Health Policy and Management
Department Chair, Health and Policy Management
Research Professor, Internal Medicine
Adjunct Professor, School of Pharmacy
Co-PI of the UNC CTSA Education Program

Dr. Weinberger has been a member of the UNC BIRCWH Leadership Team since 2000 and has an exceptional record of mentoring both MD and PhD faculty and fellows who conduct translational research.

Susan Pusek

Susan Pusek, MPH, MS

UNC BIRCWH Leadership Team
Director of Education and Training Programs, NC TraCS

Ms. Pusek coordinates education, training, and career development related to clinical and translational research across the UNC campus and serves as the liaison for research collaborations among local institutions (eg, Duke University, NC State A&T).

UNC BIRCWH Advisory Board

The UNC BIRCWH Interdisciplinary Advisory Committee (IIAC) is composed of leaders and investigators from a wide variety of disciplines, Departments, Centers, and Schools across the UNC campus. Each member was selected because of a demonstrated interest and expertise in interdisciplinary women’s health or sex/gender research, scientific mentoring, and promotion of diversity in the workplace, and/or career planning and development. The tasks of the IIAC are to:

  • recruit and select Scholars
  • review individualized career development plans and monitor Scholar progress
  • provide annual review of the UNC BIRCWH program
Jane Weintraub DDS, MPH, Chairperson
Adjunct Professor, Health and Policy Management
Alumni Distinguished Professor, Dental Ecology

Fry Rebecca Fry PhD
Carol Remmer Angle Distinguished Professor and Associate Chair for Strategic Initiatives, Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Director of Graduate Studies, Toxicology

Berry, Diane Berry, PhD
Beerstecher-Blackwell Distinguished Term Professor & Assistant Dean for Research
Susan Girdler PhD
Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology
Associate Chair for Junior Investigator Development
Director of the Stress & Health Research Program
Brouwer Kim Brouwer PhD
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
William R. Kenen, Jr. Distinguished Professor

Jonsson-Funk Michele Jonsson-Funk PhD
Associate Professor, School of Public Health
Director, Center for Pharmacoepidemiology

Darville Toni Darville MD
Division Chief, Pediatric Infectious Disease
Vice Chair of Research, Department of Pediatrics

Scientific Director, Children’s Research Institute
Co-Director, UNC MD-PhD Program
Professor of Pediatrics and Microbiology & Immunology
Tomášková Silvia Tomášková PhD
Professor of Anthropology
Professor and Chair of Women’s & Gender Studies
Eichner Maxine Eichner JD
Graham Kenan Distinguished Professor of Law
Vines Anissa Vines PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology
Research Fellow, Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research

Webster-Cyriaque Jennifer Webster-Cyriaque DDS, PhD
Professor, Dental Ecology, School of Dentistry


Our faculty/mentor pool, which is extremely deep, comprises a great many well-qualified and talented investigators. We have 75 faculty members from all five schools on the Health Affairs Campus (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Dentistry) and the College of Arts and Sciences. Our faculty represent 28 Centers and 23 departments. There are 22 distinguished professors, 19 professors, 27 associate professors, and seven assistant professors. Many of our faculty hold additional positions including 26 Center or Program Directors; 5 Chairs; 5 Vice or Associate Chairs; four Division Chiefs; one Executive Associate Deans; two Associate Vice Chancellors; four Associate Deans; one Vice Dean; and one Dean. Collectively our faculty members have $258,657,760 in grants and contracts from year 2015 forward; that is an average of $3,448,760 per faculty member. Their areas of research represent everything from basic sciences to clinical medicine, epidemiology and population sciences to cellular/molecular levels, and clinical trials of all sizes to grants or contracts ranging from small to muliti-million dollar Program and Center grants.

Below is a list of UNC BIRCWH mentors and their research focus:

Linda Adair, PhD: Maternal and child nutrition

Alice Ammerman, DrPH: Nutrition, CBPR, Obesity

Victoria Bae-Jump, MD, PhD: Obesity and women’s cancers, molecular basis of endometrial cancers

Diane Berry, PhD, ANP-BC, FAANP: Obesity, GDM, underserved women

Kim Boggess, MD: Infection and inflammation in pregnancy outcomes

Karen Booth, PhD: Sexual and reproductive rights, health politics, and transnational feminist and queer organizing

Wendy Brewster, MD, PhD: Epidemiology of gyn cancers, microbiome of fallopian tube and ovarian cancer

Kim Brouwer, PharmD, PhD: Hepatic drug metabolism and transport

Kimberly A. Brownley, PhD: Nutrition; obesity in minority women

John Buse, MD, PhD: Diabetes

Lisa Carey, MD: Breast cancer; clinical trials

Kathleen Caron, PhD: Mouse models of fetal growth restriction and preeclampsia

Myron Cohen, MD: HIV and STI

Toni Darville, MD: Molecular base of Chlamydial infection

E. Claire Dees, MD, MSc: Breast cancer; clinical trials

Julie Dumond, PharmD, MS: Pharmacometrics and aging

Stacie Dusetzina, PhD: Pharmacoepidemiology / Drug Utilization Research, Pharmaceutical and FDA Policies, Treatment of Multiple Chronic Conditions, Cancer Treatment, Mental Illness Treatment

H. Shelton Earp, III, MD: Cancer – receptors, inhibition and differentiation, signaling

Joseph Eron, MD: HIV

Rebecca Fry, PhD: Environmental toxicology and prenatal exposure

Caterina Gallippi, PhD: Biomedical Imaging, Rehabilitation Engineering

J. Victor Garcia-Martinez, PhD: Humanized mice, retrovirology, AIDS, stem cell biology and human gene therapy

Susan S. Girdler, PhD: Women’s mental health, stress and coping

Penny Gordon-Larsen, PhD: Nutrition and obesity

Karen M. Grewen, PhD: Social affiliation and stress on endocrine, neural, and cardiovascular activity, with a focus on potential biologic mediators

Susan J. Henning, PhD: Intestinal Stem Cells – Biological Properties and Potential for Therapeutic Application

Amy Herring, ScD: Biostatistics of women’s health, maternal health, reproductive health, nutrition and obesity

Hendree Jones, PhD: Substance abuse in women

Michele Jonsson-Funk, PhD: Pharmacoepidemiology; use of large data bases; sex and gender differences in drug utilization and metabolization

Rudolph L. Juliano, PhD: Cell Adhesion Molecules and Macromolecular Therapeutics

Angela D. M. Kashuba, BScPhm, PharmD, DABCP: Clinical Pharmacology, Sex and Gender Differences In Drug Exposure, Response, and Toxicity

David Kaufman, MD, PhD: Molecular pathogenesis of cancer, regulation of the cell cycle, gynecologic pathology, cell biology

Kathleen Knafl, PhD, FAAN: Family management styles

Matthew M. Laughon, MD, MPH: Neonatal pharmacology

Craig Lee, PharmD, PhD: Genomics of drug metabolizing enzymes and cardiovascular disease

Laura Loehr, PhD: Cardiovascular disease

Terry Magnuson, PhD: Mammalian Genetics/Genomics

Suzanne Maman, PhD: Global women’s health, infectious diseases, violence prevention

Barbara Mark, PhD, RN, FAAN: Work environments, quality and safety in acute care hospitals; research training

Samantha Meltzer-Brody, MD: Women’s mood disorders; women’s mental health

William Miller, MD, PhD, MPH: Epidemiology and Chlamydial infections

Wanda K. Nicholson, MD, MPH, MBA: Obesity and diabetes in pregnant minority women

Kari North, PhD: Genetic Epidemiology

Steven Offenbacher, DDS, PhD: Oral microbiology

Mary Palmer, PhD, RNC, FAAN: Urinary incontinence and bladder health in adults

Eliana M. Perrin, MD, MPH: Pediatric obesity

Barry M Popkin, PhD: Dietary intake, obesity

Susan Pusek, MPH, MS: Education and training

David Ransohoff, MD: GI cancers, epidemiology

Janet Rubin, MD: General endocrinology, metabolic bone diseases

David R. Rubinow, MD: Reproductive endocrine-related mood disorders

Carmen Samuel-Hodge, PhD: Psychosocial and behavioral issues related weight, interventions

Dale P. Sandler, PhD: Impact of environmental exposures on population health

Robert S. Sandler, MD, MPH: Gastrointestinal disorders and cancers

Oliver Smithies, PhD: Mouse models of hypertension

Jeffrey Stringer, MD: Global women’s health

Til Stürmer, MD, PhD: Pharmacoepidemiology

Flavia Teles, DDS, MS, DMsc: Microbiota of the oral cavity

Ricardo Teles, DDS, DMsc: Periodontal disease

John M. Thorp, Jr., MD: Reproductive epidemiology and clinical trials

Silvia Tomášková, PhD: Gender studies

Jennifer Webster-Cyriaque, DDS, PhD: Sex gender difference in oral manifestations of HIV and HPV infection

Mark Weaver, PhD: Biostatistics

Morris Weinberger, PhD: Health services research, Primary Care, Patient-centered outcomes research, Pharmaceutical care, Quality of Care

Jane A. Weintraub, DDS, MPH: Dental public health, oral epidemiology, clinical research, health disparities research

Tim Wiltshire, PhD: Pharmacogenetics and mouse models of drug response

David Wohl, MD: Metabolic complications of HIV

Jennifer Wu, MD, MPH: Genetics of pelvic floor prolapse

Anissa Vines, MS, PhD: Cancer, minority health, obesity, women’s health

Y. Claire Yang: Mathematical modeling of drug exposure and response

Laura Young, MD, PhD: Diabetes

Steve Young, MD, PhD: Molecular biology of implantation and reproductive failure

Steven Zeisel, MD, PhD
Nutrient metabolism