joanne-m-jordan-md-mph photo

Joanne M. Jordan, MD, MPH
Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development
Office: Bondurant 4062


Amelia Drake, MD

Amelia F. Drake, MD, FACS
Executive Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Office: Bondurant 4063


Lauren Westervelt

Lauren M. Westervelt, MPH
Assistant Director for Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development
Office: Bondurant 4063


Morgan Resnick-Kahle

Morgan Resnick-Kahle, MAEd
Business Services Coordinator
Office: MacNider 432


The Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development exists to support the development of our faculty members and to provide resources to assure their academic success.

As an institution, we strive to promote a diverse, respectful environment where our colleagues can excel in the interrelated areas of patient care, education, and research. To this end, our Office oversees programs and activities directed at all ranks of our faculty, including tenured, tenure-track, research and clinical faculty.


In the fall of 1997, Dean Jeffrey Houpt, appointed the very first Executive Associate Dean for Research. His appointee, Dr. William “Bill” Marzluff, helped define and promote a vision for research at the School of Medicine.

Together, they established a Research Advisory Committee to outline institutional priorities. One key recommendation was to prioritize genetics research, which ultimately led to the development of the Genetics Department.

In the summer of 1998, Dean Houpt appointed Dr. Gene Orringer as the Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs. At the time, Dr. Orringer was Director of the General Clinical Research Center (GCRC), which supported clinical trial research on campus.

Executive Associate Deans Marzluff and Orringer led the newly established Office of Research and Faculty Affairs. While Executive Associate Dean Marzluff continued to encourage basic scientists, including support for core facilities and shared equipment, Executive Associate Dean Orringer, who had a strong interest in mentoring clinical faculty researchers, established the K12 program. During this time, he also worked with Dede Corvinus, the Director of the Office of Research and Faculty Affairs, to institute the Post Tenure Review Policy.

As the Office continued to grow, each focus area gained additional responsibilities and the Research and Faculty Affairs paths grew more distinct.

When Executive Associate Dean Orringer stepped down in 2009 and Executive Associate Dean Marzluff stepped down in 2010, the Offices split in two. Dr. Paul Godley became the new Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, and Dr. Terry Magnuson became the Vice Dean for Research. In 2016, Dr. Magnuson became the Vice Chancellor for Research of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Dr. Blossom Damania replaced him as Vice Dean for Research for the School of Medicine.

In 2015, Dr. Joanne Jordan replaced Dr. Godley as Executive Associate Dean, and the name of the office changed to the Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development. This name change reflects the recognition that the ever-changing healthcare environment demands a new kind of leadership, and that the success of faculty depends on their ability to adapt to the dynamics of their environment.

Since 2015, the Office has continued to grow with the addition of new, faculty-centric programs including wellness initiatives and the addition of the Academy of Educators in 2017.